Review by G. Protain - (7th February 2015)

George Griffith's new book, "THE GAIRY MOVEMENT," fills  a noticeable gap in Grenada's political and sociological history from the post WW2 years to the end of the  90's.

Written with precision and broad knowledge of "Uncle Gairy", the Spice Island's charismatic and powerful leader over five and a half decades, this is a fascinating and  satisfying record, filled with  first-time-revealed   inside information   based on eyewitness observation and  in-person involvement.

As a Gairy confidant, and Diplomatic presence through many of  Grenada's  pre-coup and post-coup years, the author's intuitive grasp of the   volatile eras dominated by Sir Eric, helps to unfold the island's  complex story at the hands of a dynamic and  ruthless Prime Minister.  Griffith's research is deep and his understanding of his subject vast.Indeed, his descriptive commentary  of  "Uncle Gairy's"  political and personal career will not please everyone, but his lifting of the veil on a Caribbean legend will open eyes and minds to illuminate  more than a few dark corners of previously unexplained  historical  events and  milestones....

It makes for a good read.