Review by R. Ogilvie - (31st January 2015)

In my opinion the book was well researched , balanced and instructive. Through the author's account I relived some of Grenada's history. Some of the high points are:

  • the arrival of Gairy and the early years of his movement
  • " Sky Red "
  • the state of tension in Grenada and the polarization of its people
  • the failed attempt of the West Indian Federation
  • the overthrow of the Gairy Government by the Jewel Movement
  • the killing of Maurice Bishop
  • the U.S. led Intervention and the restoration of Democratic Government

I particularly enjoyed the Voting Statistics and the End Notes at the back of the book.

This book is highly recommended for those interested in the history of Grenada. It would be a valuable addition to high school libraries in the Caribbean.